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Officiating the wedding, that is, how I officiate the ceremony

I love remembering how I started working as a wedding officiant.

I have been organizing and arranging weddings for a long time by then, especially for couples living abroad. That’s when the question came, on how to make marriage ceremonies easier, both because of the geographical distance and the endless administration of official papers, especially if the couple is in New Zealand….

So that’s how it started, and then more and more couples wanted a special, personalized civil wedding ceremony, rather than a stenciled speech from an unfamiliar registrar.

And, of course, many times it is a problem to match or choose the date and time, especially if you just want a candlelit ceremony at night.

Well, and of course the foreign languages. Nowadays, there are a lot of mixed couples, so a bilingual ceremony is often needed.

I think these are the reasons why engaged couples in 98% choose ceremony officiants these days.

Everything centers in one person’s hand, who professionally inserts the date of the ceremony into the script, and with this, as well as their personalized speech, conjures real intimate moments, tears of joy, laughter, a beautiful memory for the couple.

But how does our work begin …………?

… .. when we first meet, we talk, so I can get to know you.

By asking the right questions, I will fly you back to your first moments together, to the "dawn" of your love ……

While you are talking, I will observe you looking at each other, holding each other's hands, cutting into each other's words.

…. and the memories will come flooding back, come alive for both you and me, and my ceremonial speech will be born. The words will set up an intimate, special, deeply emotional atmosphere, and a truly cathartic feeling for the couple.

In doing so, I will give you and your loved ones something plus, and you gave each other a confession of love through me.

This day is also special because you can tell your parents why you are grateful to them. The result of our combined work is that this day is about love and affection. You and I give the best of ourselves, and we get it back a hundredfold from the radiant gazes, tears and laughter.

Well, this is the kind of ceremony I can create, as a result of our cooperative work.

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