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About Wedding Planning and Managing


I deliberately use both terms for my work, since anyone who is truly dedicated to this profession will not only plan the “Big Day” but also manage and organize it from the morning of the wedding day until the departure of the last guests.

That is the whole package! And let’s face it, this is the bulk of our job, as we, wedding planners need to be disciplined, concentrated, bear a high degree of tolerance, and have immediate problem-solving skills.

In my experience, finding the right venue and services for the most beautiful day of the couple’s lives is a really big challenge, when it comes to the diverse world of wedding services. Understandably, they are filled with doubts, questions about whether they really chose the right one?

And here I come as the wedding planner and manager who wants to take the burden of organizing and complications off your shoulders and help making it happen:

The wedding of your dreams!

Of course we will work together to figure out your style, make your desires come true, from the dream venue to the most suitable services. I will add my experience, enthusiasm and of course my conscientious work.

This, of course, requires knowledge, information, contact, and expertise to make your wedding preparations stress-free and enjoyable.

But how does it work?

• We take the journey together from the very first meeting until the wedding day

• We collect suggestions, ideas to avoid unnecessary expenses

• I recommend services based on my experience

• We create a script for the wedding day

• Complete preparations for the “Big Day”, including the chosen venue

• Managing the entire wedding day, coordinating the services, waiters, catering


But why do I need a wedding planner when I want to organize my own wedding?!


• Couples do not have enough time for everyday tasks and the planning

• You want creative, unique solutions in the most cost-effective way possible by a professional

• You get lost in the maze of services and offers

• Usually, couples get stuck somewhere in the planning. There are too many questions and uncertainties and no one to answer them.


… .. if you choose Royal Wedding as your planner then


• You will have a unique, personalized wedding!

• I will plan and organize your wedding with maximum dedication and empathy, as if it was my own wedding!

• With more than 17 years of experience behind me, I will provide the right answers and solutions to all your questions!

• You can have the utmost confidence in the committed work of my team, so on the “Big Day” you have nothing to do but to pay attention to yourselves and your loved ones!

• I provide immediate solutions to any sudden problem, as the experience of many years ensure an instant response to an unexpected or unpleasant situation and its elimination

• The main part of my assignment is the wedding day itself, as I am with you all day. Starting with the preparations in the morning, managing the ceremony, the coordination of the guests and the programs.

How do we work together?

·         • 1. Planning and daydreaming - you tell us your desires, dreams, ideas and which style is closest to you, or if it is not yet developed. Then of course I come to your help. The most important thing is that every little detail fits and harmonizes

·         • 2. Organization - all of these are based on a concept, a theme, for which we will find the most suitable location and services for you, then we will plan the script, and I will constantly help you not to slip out of the timeline and of course to stay within the budget.

3. Execution - we put together the final script, prepare the venue and under my supervision you will have your “Big Day”. From the background I will handle any problems that may arise.


… and let me share my motto, a quote from Péter Müller, interpreted from Hungarian …


“There’s… .. something great and astonishingly weird in the encounters, too.

Life brings two people together here

or there, as if it would have been just a random game of life.

It connects them with an invisible web.

So that we never forget that melody

that scent

that feeling it put in front of us

and the feelings it has

smuggled into our souls! ” (Péter Müller)

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