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About me

I'm Kriszta Imre, a dedicated, in the best sense, "obsessed" wedding planner, wedding officiant, registrar, event organizer, tourism economist and hotel manager for a little over 17 years. The mother of two wonderful boys and owner of a beloved dog, Beni, a breadwinner and a workaholic maximalist.

My spoken languages ​​are English and Italian.

Back in the day, I graduated as a tourism economist with a degree in hotel industry. At the "will" of fate, I was entrusted to run an exclusive Boutique Castle by its foreigner owners, so I "accidentally" dropped into the magical world of weddings, which immediately captivated me.

In the first year I had only been assigned a few weddings, but then more and more requests came from all over the world, from New Zealand

Dubai, Kuwait to Canada.

It is an indescribable feeling to organize, manage experience and witness the love, culture and preparation of each couple, which I look at as my own in every case.

It quickly became clear that this was “really me”. The tasks, the hustle and bustle, the spirit, the feeling, the adrenaline, the many, many guests and of course the cathartic feeling of the result.

I consider myself an eternal dreamer. I’m love-obsessed, and I believe in the “fairy tale” of true marriages, which brings the best out of me and my work.

I am convinced that there are no coincidences, only strong will, commitment, humility, honor, and lots of friends and connections to help and motivate you on your journey.

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Anita & Tomi

Special thanks to Reni Sipos (decoration) Péter Solymos (music) and Imre Kriszta (wedding planner) for making our evening unforgettable.

They said about us
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Szandi & Bence

Kriszta! You have topped of this love, so our happiness is now complete. Thank you so much for that! We miss those discussions: D


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Mónika & Zsolt

Thank you very much Krisztina! What beautiful moments we had! Thank you for those wonderful moments!

My Services
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If you have any question or you are interested, please contact me or send a message

 +36 30 588 8677

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